Life at ALOES


University canteen

For lunch, the closest University canteen is in CentraleSupélec, 100 meters away from the Residence.

For dinner, you can go to the Technopôle's University canteen which is on the other side of the lake, 5 minutes walking away from the Residence.

Opening hours can be consulted on the website of the CROUS


Washing machines


8 coin laundry and dryers are available at the residence.

You can purchase coins to operate them at the reception.

However, you will be able to use the dryers for free.


Getting new sheets

You can change your dirty sheets and pillow shams at the reception of the Residence once a week, during the day specified by the staff.



Each tenant of the Residence has a mailbox, on which the number of his room is written, where he is able to pick his mail up daily. To make the process of getting mail easier, please give your room numbers every time you give your address at the residence, so that senders include it in the address. For example :
M Dupont
E 206-1
4, place Edouard Branly
57070 Metz

A post office is located 5 minutes away from the residence.


Report a problem

In the mail room, you will find a notebook in which you can write a message to inform us of any material problem regarding the residence. We will do our best to find a solution as soon as possible.


RéZo Logo

Computer network

In your room, you may have the possibility to connect to the computer network of the Residence (1Gb/s) and to get an internet connection if your are a student or a teacher. You will have to get in touch with the students of the RéZo Association who are in charge of the residence's network.


Access to the parking

You will be allowed to use the private parking of Supélec by asking for the code or a magnetic card opening the electrical gate.


Bike garage

Bike garage

There is a bike garage with a capacity of 20 bikes, and a garage reserved to motorcycles. They are locked, but you may ask for a set of keys at the reception.