Les Enseignants-Chercheurs du Campus de Metz
VIALLE Stéphane

CentraleSupélec Campus de Metz
2 rue Edouard Belin
57070 Metz

Phone: +33(0)387 76 47 20
Fax: +33(0)387 76 47 00

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Stéphane VIALLE


Professor at CentraleSupélec (Metz campus) - Computer Science

  • PhD and HDR in Computer Science (CNU section 27) - IAEM Lorraine Doctoral School
Main interests in:
  • Design of parallel algorithms, parallel programming frameworks, and parallel applications
  • Parallel computing on hybrid architecures (ex: CPU+GPU+XeonPhi clusters)
  • Design of distributed and parallel co-simulation environments

Personal and detailed web page : here

Direct access to course documentation: