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Natural Language Processing
12h L / 1 OE / 2 ECTS credits in common with_AIA1 et IIC_AIA2 / IIC_AIA3
The field of natural language processing covers a broad range of activities aiming at processing and translating texts automatically and enabling people to communicate with machines using natural language skills,. Research and development activities include the coding, recognition, interpretation, translation and generation of language. Natural language processing is a multidisciplinary enterprise using formal linguistic descriptions as well as methods of linguistic statistics. It uses various techniques coming from logical based formalisms. The aim of this module is to present these techniques as well as the main fields of applications.
Fields of applications and basic problems of natural language processing.
Dimensions and basic concepts of linguistic description
Morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, lexical descriptions.
Modeling linguistic phenomena
Rule based approaches, statistic based approaches.
Basic concepts of natural language processing
Finite state automata, unification grammars, artificial neural networks.
Presentation of applications
Morphological analyzer, checker for spelling, grammar and style, machine translation, automatic indexation, linguistic engineering environment
Problems of implementation
Building linguistic resources (corpora, dictionaries, grammatical resources), modularization, real text processing.
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