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Option IIC
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Option IIC : Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering Option
Metz Campus
Professor in charge : Fabrice POPINEAU
The aim of the specialization in “Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering” is to train highly skilled engineers in Computer Science, whose responsibility will be the deployment or the design of large scale information systems. As a consequence, Computer Science is studied in a scientific and systematic way.

Considering the foremost importance of software in every activity sector, a particular scheme has been chosen: to study the theory and methods underlying the software development process. In addition, a particular emphasis is put on advanced Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, which are part of a growing number of complex systems. Common tools are the link between these complementary points of view.
A set of topical seminars on state of the art applications, delivered by industrialists, is used to illustrate the use of these techniques in the economic world.

The training is thus designed in order to allow the students to master methods and software technologies used in current developments, but also to be a driving force for future evolutions.
Core curriculum modules
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Laboratory work and projects
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